Opening the Official Website of NATEC

Zaid Abdullah Eadan – Secretary General of NATEC

On the occasion of the opening of the official website of the National Atomic Energy Commission of Yemen (NATEC), which we hope to be a window for communication and interchange of knowledge, I congratulate the NATEC’s team for their great efforts and altruism to work in giving over everything else in light of the aggression, the blockade, the interruption of salaries, and despite the difficulties, obstacles and wide-spectrum influences of all kinds. Your efforts have been It bore fruit and blossomed, and this stage was an opportunity for self-reliance to gain confidence, gain experience and skills and develop them, and take advantage of the capabilities, competences and devices that are available, and operate, activate and employ them in many vital fields such as agriculture, mining, monitoring programs, research, studies, and so on. The most important of which was the installation and operation of the gamma radiation unit and its calibration GC 5000) and the TXRF unit, and many other devices, works and activities, especially in the field of scientific research. Efforts culminated in issuing the first issue of the Scientific Journal of the National Atomic Energy Committee. Such works were not possible before, hoping for more success and hoping for success from God.

Issuing the Scientific Journal of NATEC

The issuance of the first issue of the scientific journal of NATEC, which was the result of the efforts of the NATEC’s staff in study, research and work. Prof. Dr. Mohammed K. AL-Motawakel, Head of the Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Sana’a University, supervised and participated at the studies and research published in the journal. The journal is concerned with publishing theoretical and applied scientific research in the field of radiation sciences, and areas related to the peaceful applications and uses of atomic energy as well as to the impacts of ionizing radiation. The aims and scope of the Scientific Journal of NATEC Cover all forms of atomic energy applications over the range of technical, economic,  environmental, public health, regulatory, and legal issues.


National Atomic Energy Commission of Yemen – NATEC

The National Atomic Energy Commission of Yemen (NATEC) was established in 1999 by Republican Decree No. 126 as an institution affiliated with the Presidency of the Republic to replace: The Yemeni General Authority for Atomic Energy established in 1997 by Republican Decree No. 22 and the National Committee for Radiation Safety established in 1995 by Republican Decree No. 42. NATEC was reconstituted in 2008 by Republican Decree No. 181 and reorganized in 2009 by Republican Decree No. 272 ​ and affiliated to the Cabinet  of Ministers. NATEC is the competent body and the official state organ concerned with atomic energy affairs in the Republic of Yemen, and the official representative of the Republic of Yemen to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and other regional and international institutions concerned with atomic energy. NATEC aims to develop the peaceful uses of atomic energy in various fields, whether in medicine, agriculture, industry, energy, education and other fields. It also aims to protect people and the environment  against the dangers of ionizing radiation.

Gamma Irradiation Unit (GC 5000)

NATEC obtained the GC 5000 gamma irradiation unit in 2009, as a grant from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) within the technical cooperation projects with the IAEA for use in the agricultural field and others. Its installation and operation began at the end of 2018 by the NATEC’s technical team, and continued for four consecutive months without getting tired or bored, overcoming all difficulties and challenges. It was calibrated and put it into operation in March 2019 under the care and success of God in all stages of work, as we thought that it would not be possible to use it in this circumstance as a result of the manufacturer’s (BRIT) inability to enter Yemen to install and operate it due to the aggression, the ongoing war, and the blockade imposed on the Republic of Yemen.


Services Provided by NATEC

Measuring natural and artificial radioactive isotopes using nuclear techniques, such as High Purity Germanium, alpha spectroscopy, and the RAD7 unit. Measuring chemical elements in geological, environmental and biological samples whether liquid or solid, and analyzing metallic alloys using techniques such as the EDXRF and TXRF devices, as well as irradiation of samples (seeds, etc.) using the gamma irradiator unit (GC 5000). In addition, providing quality control of X-Ray devices, individual radiation monitoring for radiation workers and training them in the field of radiation protection …and so on.

Techniques used in analyzing at NATEC

Scientific Activities
  • Since its establishment, the NATEC has worked to introduce and expand the peaceful uses of atomic energy in the Republic of Yemen in many fields by representing the Republic of Yemen as a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency and Employing technical cooperation projects with the IAEA in many fields, for example: in the medical diagnosis and treatment of cancer (Oncology Center in Al-Jumhuri Hospital, Nuclear Medicine Center in Al-Thawra Hospital, the uterine cancer treatment unit in September 21 Hospital, and the Oncology Center in Aden (not completed yet) and providing the Health Ministry with technologies, devices, and equipment in various health aspects, training, education, and rehabilitation , as well as in the field of agriculture, water, environment and others.
  • Enhancing technical and scientific capabilities in the field of atomic energy applications by bringing the techniques in the radiation field to support scientific and technical work in many Governmental institutions, such as NATEC, Agricultural Research Authority, Agriculture Ministry, Health Ministry and others. In addition, training and qualification in many fields and for a large number of workers at these entities.
  • Organizing many events, seminars, scientific workshops and training courses, whether in Sana’a or in the governorates, and holding several scientific conferences, the most prominent of which was the Seventh Arab Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy held in Sana’a from 4-8/12/2004.
  • Enhancing scientific cooperation with Yemeni scientific and academic institutions and assisting students and researchers from various Yemeni universities and scientific institutions in the field of scientific research and postgraduate studies, in addition to activating the scientific work at NATEC by conducting studies and research in the radiation field and improving scientific and practical expertise based on local capabilities. Issuing the first issue of the Scientific Journal of NATEC National as a result of this approach, and adopting projects for postgraduate studies in cooperation with the Department of Physics at Sana’a University.

  • Operating the devices at NATEC committee and providing the laboratories with the necessary equipment for that, the most important of which was the gamma irradiator unit used in agricultural researches and the TXRF unit used in the analysis of chemical elements. Such work needed foreign experts or experts from manufacturers, and these laboratories were activated and used in many fields such as mining, food testing, environmental monitoring, and postgraduate researches in universities …..and so on.
  • Carrying out environmental monitoring according to the available capabilities. One of the most important of these activities what was achieved in the Al-Jarrahi Directorate – Al-Hodeidah Governorate in detecting mercury contamination of water and implementing a scientific study to measure air pollution in the capital of Sana’a during the period 2017-2019.



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