Estimation of Patients Dose in the Computed Tomography Units at the Capital of Sana’a by Studying and analyzing the Radiation Dose Indexes of Imagining Protocols


A. AL-Shamiri

National Atomic Energy Commission of Yemen (NATEC)-Sana’a

M.K. Al-Motawakel

Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Sana’a University-Sana’a

Z. Eadan, Kh.A. Al-Shamiri

National Atomic Energy Commission of Yemen (NATEC)-Sana’a



This study aims to evaluate the adult patients dose received during the radiation diagnosis at the Computed Tomography Departments in the Capital City of Sana’a and to suggest diagnostic reference levels, by studying and analyzing the radiation dose indexes of imaging protocols for the organs of head, chest and abdomen.The results of this study show that there is a difference between the read and calculated values ​​of the Dose length Product (DLP) in two CT departments due to the excess in the Actual Exposure Range, at about 25% excess, comparing to the Reading Scan Length, which the excess is about 6 cm of the head imaging and about 8cm in both abdominal and chest imaging. Therefore, this excess in the exposure range causes unjustified extra dose, recived by the patients by 25% of the actual DLP factor, that was not within the planning imaging procedures. Thus,  this extra dose is directly proportional to the scan length and the exposure parameters. So these Departments need to review the imaging procedures and exposure parameters. In general, the radiation diagnosis at the Computed Tomography Departments in Yemen needs evaluating the performance of workers, patients dose, and taking actions to improve the performance quality level to protect patients from unjustified radiation exposure. This study suggests the following diagnostic reference levels DRLs for CT scans (head, chest and abdomen), where the DLP levels are: 1110, 384, and 551 for each of the head, chest, and abdomen, respectively. As for the levels of CTDIvol , the DRLs are: 58, 10.4, and 10.9 mGy for the head, chest, and abdomen, consecutively.

Keywords: Computed Tomography, Output, Dose length Product (DLP), Dose index volume CT.

1-01072022-12-27 SJ of NATEC
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