Measurment of Radiation Entrance surface dose in Lumber Spine X-Ray Diagnosis by Using Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD-100)


M. AL-Tuhami

National Atomic Energy Commission of Yemen (NATEC)-Sana’a

 M.K. Al-Motawakel

Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Sana’a University-Sana’a

Z. Eadan, Kh. A. Al-Shamiri

National Atomic Energy Commission of Yemen (NATEC)-Sana’a



The aim of this study is to measure the Entrance surface Dose (ESD) received by the adult patients undergoing lumbar spine imaging which has been carried out in five diagnostic centers in Sana’a capital city using Thermoluminescence Dosimeters TLD-100 (LiF: Mg, Ti). The results of this study showed that the (ESD) values for AP projections span were in the range (1.68-5.28) mGy with a mean of (3.056±1.23) mGy, while the ESD values for Lat. Projections ranged between 4.35 and 11.78 mGy with an average of (7.23±2.33) mGy. Furthermore, the results obtained in this study are lower than the guidense levles recommended by the IAEA and NRPB, and  lower than of those acquired in Malaysia and Nigeria but higher than of those attained in Bangladesh. Thus, the results obtained in this study are reasonable compared to the recommended dose levels, but this work should be continued including more diagnostic centers and covering more geographical areas across the country to establish national diagnostic reference levels.

.Keywords: Entrance surface Dose (ESD), Diagnostic Radiology, Lumbar Spine, Reference Dose Levels (RDLs), Exposure Parameters, Thermoluminescence Dosimeters TLD-100.

1-01072022-48-56 SJ of NATEC
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