Evaluation of Radiation Protection in Conventional X-Ray Diagnostic Radiology Departments in Sana’a Capital Secretariat


J. AL-Dubai

National Atomic Energy Commission of Yemen (NATEC), Sana’a


This study aims to evaluate the procedures of radiation protection in twenty conventional x-ray diagnostic radiology departments in Sana’a Capital city. The evaluation included layout, design, shielding, construction and building materials of the x-ray rooms, and performance of x-ray machines, and qualification of radiation workers. The results of this study show that the x-ray rooms design is generally acceptable, in which 85% of such departments is compatible with the standards of many countries in terms of the dimensions of the x-ray rooms, the shielding is adequate with an excess of shielding in some cases, and x-ray machines used are in good operation condition and licensed by the National Atomic Energy Commission. Furthermore, the radiation protection procedures are well applied at the examined x-ray departments, but the genital protective equipment that needs to be used for situations that require its use are not available in 90% of those examined departments, and many radiology technicians in those departments need radiation protection training and periodic medical examination, in addition to the necessity of having a national standard for designing and shielding x-ray rooms in order to achieve safe radiological practices and to reduce the extra cost in some cases.

Keywords: Radiation Protection, X-Ray Rooms Design & Shielding, Area Classification,Radiation Doses.

1-01072022-57-65 SJ of NATEC
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