Energy and Efficiency Calibration of an Alpha Spectroscopy Unit


Kh. A. Al-Shamiri

National Atomic Energy Commission of Yemen (NATEC)-Sana’a

M.K. Al-Motawakel

Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Sana’a University-Sana’a

Z. Eadan

National Atomic Energy Commission of Yemen (NATEC)-Sana’a



The aim of this study is to characterize the main parameters of a multi-chamber alpha spectrometer and its full calibration using standard α-emitter sources of 238U, 234U, 239Pu, and 241Am. Geometric calculations and experimental measurements for the efficiency and resolution as function of all possible source-detector distance for all three solid state PIPS (passivity implanted planer silicon), as well as the solid angle were performed and compared depicting significant conclusions regarding the quality of the alpha detector response to the alpha radiation of the standard sources used in the measurements. In addition, the linear correlation relation between the energies of the α-emitter sources and their energy lines corresponding to the ith channel number were achieved with correlation coefficient of unity (R2 =1), and a power law correlation relation between the efficiency of considered α-spectrometer and the source to detector distance were also realized and presented. The calibration method is validated using reference material provided by IAEA (IAEA-314), and the average measured value of 238U activity concentrations was 733.07±3.83 Bq/Kg, approximately equals to the certified value 732.5 Bq/Kg.

Keywords: Alpha spectrometry; Energy and Efficiency Calibration; FWHM; Detector.

1-01072022-66-72 SJ of NATEC
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