Opening the Official Website of NATEC

Zaid Abdullah Eadan

Secretary General of NATEC

On the occasion of the opening of the official website of the National Atomic Energy Commission of Yemen (NATEC), which we hope to be a window for communication and interchange of knowledge, I congratulate the NATEC’s team for their great efforts and altruism to work in giving over everything else in light of the aggression, the blockade, the interruption of salaries, and despite the difficulties, obstacles and wide-spectrum influences of all kinds. Your efforts have been It bore fruit and blossomed, and this stage was an opportunity for self-reliance to gain confidence, gain experience and skills and develop them, and take advantage of the capabilities, competences and devices that are available, and operate, activate and employ them in many vital fields such as agriculture, mining, monitoring programs, research, studies, and so on. The most important of which was the installation and operation of the gamma radiation unit and its calibration GC 5000) and the TXRF unit, and many other devices, works and activities, especially in the field of scientific research. Efforts culminated in issuing the first issue of the Scientific Journal of the National Atomic Energy Committee. Such works were not possible before, hoping for more success and hoping for success from God.